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Amma Therapy

Amma therapy is one of the oldest forms of massage to come out of Asia. The practitioner uses circular digital and circular thumb pressure that meets the points of tension in the body to help relax muscles. This style of massage follows the primary meridians of the body.

Some benefits include increased relaxation; enhanced mood; promotes better circulation; reduces tension and pain in muscles, ligaments, and joints; decreases stress and anxiety, and aids in digestion.

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is done with the patient fully clothed (in loose clothing), on a floor mat, using the practitioner’s fingers, palms, elbows, and forearms to stimulate points along the meridians of the body. The pressure is more static and involves stretching the body at the same time.

By using breath, pressure and movement, the body of patient and practitioner work together to increase overall flow and circulation in the body. This style of massage is particularly good for people who suffer from joint pain and stiffness in the body. 

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Suction and fire cups create a vacuum and pull the skin away from the muscles, making space for better circulation where there is stagnation. It helps particularly when there is excess tension in the muscles and body. Cupping can help improve blood circulation, break up blood stagnation, aids in the movement of energy, improves digestion and elimination, aids in lymphatic circulation and helps the immune system.


Moxa (dried mugwort), can be burned indirectly or directly on the skin to help warm the body. This ancient heat therapy encourages the inflammatory process and aids in the healing process.

Pain isn’t the problem, it is the result of the problem. Heat helps with healing.

Moxa is also good for: Warming the channels and scattering cold in the body, removing obstructions, breaks up stagnation, allows free flow (where there is free flow there is no pain), eliminating cold and damp to promote normal organ function, adds energy to the body when deficient, helps with edema, stomach pain, chronic diarrhea, hernia, painful menses, and more.

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Pediatric massage. Uses very light scraping and tapping techniques to promote greater flow of qi, blood, and fluids and helps restore and stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanisms. Good for children of all ages and conditions.


Tuina (push and grasp) technique can be a deeper style of massage, and uses kneading, pressing, rolling, shaking, and stretching of the body. This technique is used to treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal and internal organ disorders by increasing flow to deficient areas from areas of excess.

Back Massage
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Gua Sha

Means "scrape toxins". By scraping the skin we move qi and blood in the body.  When pathogens enter the body, they go into the skin first. This technique helps to release potential toxins from the exterior body.

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