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Welcome to my sanctuary.

Massage has always been with me. It has lived in my fingers as long as I can remember, it has allowed me a way to understand the true meaning of interdependence.

What does interdependence mean? Think about Yin and Yang - two opposites that constantly grow apart and then come together, only to grow apart again, yet they cannot exist without each other. They are mutually consuming. In Chinese, this is a concept known as Taiji, or supreme polarity. Through the practice of Taiji, we experience Wuji, the feeling of connectedness.

We live in a world that is just as connected as disconnected. The internet is a powerful tool that can bring us limitless information and media. We can stay in touch with people we love despite miles and borders and walls.

That which surrounds us does not define us, and by looking within we can see we are on our own little personal journey of understanding. The knowledge of what is will show us what is not.

We are on a journey in our body, our corporeal property, the materials that keep us upright and alive. We are on a journey with our soul, it's existence illuminating the borders of the body and peeling back layers as we sleep, as we think, as we feel. We are on a journey with our Will - the ability to move forward even in the presence of fear, anxiety, depression, anger. We cannot survive without the Yin - the blood, the material, the fear, the dark, the moon, the shady side of the hill. We cannot survive without the Yang - the energy, the movement, the joy, the sun, the sunny side of the hill.

Where there is no free flow, there is pain. Where there is pain there is no free flow.

Stuff stagnates. Imbalances occur. We feed one part of ourselves and leave deficient other parts.

My path to harmony and healing is much the same as yours. I look forward to working with you on your journey to greater balance, health, and well-being. I look forward to sharing thoughts, research, beliefs, and dreams with you here. While on the table, you allow yourself to be vulnerable with me, to trust me on your healing journey. In reciprocity, I lay my thoughts bare to you as well.

Thanks for the trust. Let's go explore.


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